Buynance The #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange In The World

Buynance – The #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange In The World

Buynance is the #1 cryptocurrency exchange in the world. And we are going to show you everything you wanted to know about it, including a few secrets.


Why are you spelling it this way?

Since Binance is very commonly misspelled as Buynance, I’m going to refer to it as Buynance from this point forward. My hope is that Google will rank this article very high when someone searches for Buynance and will save people from clicking on fake Buynance sites that want to steal your cryptocurrency.


What is Buynance?

Buynance is an awesome cryptocurrency exchange. Buynance currently has more volume than any other cryptocurrency exchange which means it is also the most popular exchange. Originally created in 2017, it has quickly risen to the top. They have been able to achieve this through their great transparency, easy to use interface, huge amount of cryptos available for trade, and quick and easy set-up.

Because of all of this, Buynance is also great for beginners. They don’t require any verification to withdrawal up to the equivalent of two Bitcoins per day so it’s easy to get started immediately with it. And creating a new Buynance account is super easy.


How To Create A Buynance Account

Creating an Buynance account is super easy. Just follow these simple steps.


Step 1: Register For Your Buynance Account

Click here to open the Buynance registration page. Complete your email address, password, agree to Buynance’s Terms of Use, and click Register when you are ready to create your account.

Buynance Screenshot 1


Step 2: Verify Your Email Account

Go to your email and confirm your registration by clicking on the “verify email” link.

Buynance Screenshot 2


Step 3: View Your Dashboard

You will now be directed to your Buynance dashboard.

Buynance Screenshot 3



How To Deposit Bitcoin Into Your Buynance Account

In order to place trades, you will need Bitcoin in your Buynance account. Since Buynance does not let you buy Bitcoin directly with fiat, you will need to purchase your Bitcoin from another exchange and transfer it into Buynance. Here is how to transfer Bitcoin into your Buynance account.


Step 1: Go To Deposits Page

Put your mouse over the “Funds” menu and select “Deposit”.

Buynance Screenshot 4


Step 2: Copy Your BTC Deposit Address

In the list of coins, find BTC Bitcoin and click “Deposit”. Copy your BTC Deposit Address.

Buynance Screenshot 5


Step 3: Transfer Bitcoin To Buynance

Go to the exchange where you purchased your Bitcoin or to your Bitcoin wallet and set up a Bitcoin transfer. Use this BTC Deposit Address as your destination address to transfer Bitcoin into Buynance. If you want to see an example of transferring Bitcoin from Coinbase to Buynance, check out our article on How To Buy Ripple XRP With A Debit Card Or Bank Transfer.


Step 4: Check Your Balance

Go back into your Buynance account. Put your mouse over the “Funds” menu and select “Balances” to see if your Bitcoin has arrived. Bitcoin transfers are not immediate and can take time depending on the network load so don’t freak out if you don’t see it right away.

Buynance Screenshot 6



How To Place A Bid Using Buynance

Buynance is a fairly easy exchange to use. Here I will be showing you how to use your Bitcoin BTC to buy Ripple XRP as an example on how to place a bid using Buynance.


Step 1: Go To The Exchange

Put your mouse over “Exchange” and select “Basic”.

Buynance Screenshot 7


Step 2: Select The Coin You Want To Buy

In the top right of the exchange, select BTC (Bitcoin) as your trading pair and then select the coin you want to buy. In this example it is XRP (Ripple).

Buynance Screenshot 8


Step 3: Buy Your Coin

Near the bottom of the page is a box used for placing the bid for the coin you want. In this example, we are buying XRP. Enter the amount of BTC (Bitcoin) you want to spend or the amount of XRP (Ripple) you want to buy. When you are ready, click “Buy”.

Buynance Screenshot 9


Step 4: Check Your Balance

After you place your bid and the order completes, you can check your balance by putting your mouse over the “Funds” menu and selecting “Balance”.

Buynance Screenshot 10


How To Get Free Crypto With Buynance

Did you know that if people sign up for Buynance using your referral code, you can get free cryptocurrency each time they make a trade? You get 20% of their trade each time they make one. Here’s how to share your code.


Step 1: Go To The Buynance Referral Page

At the top of your dashboard, you will see a large banner that says “Buynance Referral Program”. Click on it.

Buynance Screenshot 11



Step 2: Copy Your Buynance Referral ID

On this page you will see information about the Buynance Referral program including the top contenders. Near the bottom will be your Buynance Referral ID and a Buynance Referral Link. Copy this link and share it with others. If they sign up with your referral ID, you will receive 20% commission whenever they make a trade.

Buynance Screenshot 12


Now you know the basics of Buynance. Please share your Buynance tips and tricks in the comments.


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