9 of the Best Crypto Initial Coin Offerings Directories of 2020

Crypto Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are how new blockchain startups raise funds via cryptocurrency. You purchase a token that will be used on their platform before it is available to the general public on an exchange. ICOs are highly volatile and are also used to scam people so be very careful if you decide to invest in one.



Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Directory



ICO Alert Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

ICOAlert – A popular site for finding the latest ICOs.

From their site: ICO Alert maintains the only comprehensive database of ICOs and standardizes all of the associated due diligence information associated with each project.

We have listed over 5,000+ ICOs in our system, but only display approximately 3,500+ projects that we consider legitimate. We provide this information to financial institutions, venture capital entities, and market researchers.



ICO Tracker Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

ICO Tracker – Another popular site that lists current and upcoming ICOs.

From their site: Each project has Curator from our team. Curator makes investigation of project by following to our rules. One of them – Curator must be a real investor and making investment from own funds.

Curator has an checklist to collect rating by 5 criterions. Each criterion may have 10 points in max.

  1. Whitepaper
  2. Roadmap
  3. Team
  4. Escrow
  5. ICO conditions

After this Curator tracks media for important events. Each event may have weight which can impact to rating. Events can be positive or negative.
Curator determines weight from own vision but as I said above it will not always be so.

ICO Tracker is a seed today… what can grow to some meaningful thing… so we hope.



CoinSchedule Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

CoinSchedule – Another popular ICO list.

From their site: Based in Oxford, UK, Coinschedule is one of the first and most established ICO listing and cryptocurrency portals in the world. Launched in 2016, our mission is to make it easy and safe for people around the world to join ICOs.

Our unique Trust Score system, utilises Artificial Intelligence and allows ICOs to show how trustworthy they are to potential investors. It encourages ICO projects to provide transparent information about their team, their project and legal structure.



TokenMarket Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

TokenMarket – A curated calendar of ICOs and the ability to be notified before ICOs open and close.

From their site: This is a curated calendar of token sales. Subscribe to our alerts and get a notification before a token sale opens.



ICObazaar Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

​ICObazaar – A ICO list with ratings that allows you to sort by categories and keywords.

From their site: ICObazaar is an information and insight resource for investors in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We provide independent ICO ratings and reviews from experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, and investing.



ICODrops Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

ICODrops – A list of ​ICOs in three columns “Active ICO”, “Upcoming ICO”, “Ended ICO” with rating and analysis

From their site: ICODrops is our view on the constantly growing ICO world. We’ve created and are constantly updating three useful lists: Active ICOs, Upcoming ICOs and Ended ICOs for everyone who is interested in ICOs and wants to stay current on the topic. The lists look like a kanban board (Inbox, In Progress, Done).



ICOAlarm Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

​ICOAlarm – An iOS and Android app built specifically for finding and keeping tracking of current and upcoming ICOs.

From their site: ICOAlarm is the most comprehensive ICO discovery and analysis application. We help you to find interesting new ICOs, research detailed information about them, and notify you about ICO deadlines.



Coinvision Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Coinvision – A service to help new investors determine which cryptocurrencies and token sales are credible.

From their site: Coinvision is designed to help new investors understand the cryptocurrency market. Millions of enthusiasts are buying cryptocurrencies but many don’t grasp the full potential of blockchain-powered technologies.

Our AI-powered platform crawls the best websites, blogs, social media pages and channels, credible redditors and other sources to deliver alerts directly to you via Messenger & Telegram.

Our mission is to provide the right knowledge and tools for investors to make wise decisions.



ICObench Logo - Crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

ICObench – ​An ICO list and calendar as well as ratings for upcoming ICOs.

From their site: ICObench is an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts.



​​What are we missing? Please comment below with ​your favorites. ​If they are good, we’ll add them to the list.


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