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The DADI Founding Node Will Make You Take a Second Look at DADI

On the morning of April 19th I received an email alerting me that I had been selected to receive a DADI Founding Node. Today I received it in the mail and set it up. My conclusion is it’s beautiful and it’s disruptive.


What Is DADI?

DADI is a decentralized peer-to-peer cloud service platform offering services such as content delivery, cloud storage, a web publishing platform, and more. Instead of utilizing centralized server farms for these services (the current model), DADI utilizes a decentralized pool of network nodes owned by token stakers (you) that contribute computational power to the network.


The Problem With Centralized Cloud Services

Keeping your web services up and running is obviously important. If you are a business, downtime equals loss of revenue.

The problem with centralized cloud services is that if the data center delivering your content goes down, your web services go down with it. Think Hurricane Sandy in New York that took down data centers causing sites like Gawker, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and others to suffer major outages.

With DADI’s decentralized model, when a node that is delivering those web services goes offline, the network automatically switches to the next available node and continues delivering those services. This new node could be in the same state, another state, or another country. Either way, all of this happens faster than the blink of an eye and keeps you from suffering any downtime.


DADI Is Unique

Not only is DADI attempting to disrupt the current centralized cloud services model, they also already have real world paying customers outside of the cryptosphere utilizing these services. Their customers pay with fiat which is then used on the back-end to buy DADI tokens off the market. The customer doesn’t have to know anything about cryptocurrency nor buy tokens to use these services. This opens their services up to everyone.

DADI Customers


Run a Node and Earn Residual Income

Those purchased tokens are then used to pay staking node (masternode) operators that are contributing computational power to the network. In other words, you get paid to run a node at your house, business, or wherever else you want.

If you want to learn more about masternode requirements, check out this article. And if you want to see a a visualization and a list of nodes currently in action, check out the DADI Edge Network Explorer.

DADI Earning as a Staking Node


DADI Founding Node Winner

DADI decided to pre-build several nodes for early token holders and send them out as part of a giveaway. I was fortunate enough to be selected to receive one of these Founding Nodes. Here is the original email I received telling me I had been selected.

DADI Founding Node Email


Unboxing the Node

DADI Founding Node 2

DADI Founding Node 3

DADI Founding Node 4

DADI Founding Node 5

DADI Founding Node 6

DADI Founding Node 7

DADI Founding Node 8

DADI Founding Node 10

DADI Founding Node 9


Connecting the Node

Connecting the node was as simple as plugging the network cable into my network and plugging the power cable into the wall. After that, the node showed up in my DADI dashboard as being online and contributing to the network. This is the true definition of plug-and-play.


More Nodes in the Future

DADI is planning on building more nodes in the future that will be offered for sale on their website. However, you don’t have to buy one of their nodes to contribute to the network. You can just build your own using a Raspberry Pi, your home computer, or a VPS service like Vultr or Digital Ocean. Instructions for this will follow once DADI announces self-onboarding.



DADI went through great lengths to offer these nodes free of charge to their token holders. The packaging alone was a pleasure to open and the Founding Node itself looked like something I would have purchased from Apple. I am very grateful to be one of the chosen few to receive one. If you would like to learn more about how they were designed and built, check out this article.

So what do you think about DADI and their Founding Nodes? Please comment below and let me know.

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